Creating a meeting on Mobile with prosody auth set to "token"

Hey all,

I’ve been using JWT authentication for a while on our Jitsi Server and have lately begun experimenting more with the mobile app. For a while I’ve known that the tokenAuthUrl key in the meet-server JavacScript (config.js) file is not used on Mobile and the user will instead be met by a username / password prompt, which is no good.

What you could do is click the link on mobile, choose to join in your smartphone’s webbrowser, which does follow the tokenAuthUrl redirect, then you login and then you choose join in app the second time you’re prompted, but this flow is beyond what regular users would accept unfortunately.

We have circumvented this issue halfway by imposing a Nginx redirect to our token generator webapp if a ‘jwt’ arg is not in the url. This works fine for joing meetings through a link, both on Mobile and on the PC and this approach seems better for Mobile, as the user is never promted for the first choice of joining in App or Browser, as it never reaches Jitsi due to Nginx redirecting early.

The remaining problem though, is that a user cannot create a meeting inside the Mobile app, without a JWT directly in the roomname. Is there anyway to redirect the user in-app to an outside webapp for token generation or is such a feature missing at the moment?


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This would be perfect, any news on how / when this could be implemented?
I’m not that big on android / IOS app development, but could you point me in the direction of the source code that would need to be changed?