Creating a customized build of jitsi-meet

Hi all,

I would like to install a customizable version of jitsi-meet using the dockerized implementation as well as jitsi/jitsi-meet base repo (that is to say, that I want to makes changes not only in configurable options like config.js, interface_config.js, but the base react code, for example translation strings and add new react components). So, I proceeded by adding a dockerized implementation of Jitsi Meet and in its docker file, I have made the following changes so as to mount the jitsi/jitsi-meet repository as follows:

However, when I build this edited docker-compose file (that points jitsi-meet as the one which I have pulled from jitsi/jitsi-meet into my local machine), it seems to be building from the jitsi meet image from docker hub rather than building from the jitsi-meet folder which I copied earlier. I would be grateful if someone in here could explain in detail as to how I can implement a editable (react code) dockerized implementation of jitsi-meet.

Thank You!

Not really familiar with docker, but I suspect what’s happening is that you haven’t linked your deployment to a local copy of lib-jitsi-meet, so when you build, it’s pulling from