Creating a custom support app, how do you support a custom route like

We are currently making a Go app that supports a custom page instead of the default page and one purpose is also to pre-set a password for a conference before it is created using the app and then stores the password into an external database like mysql.

What we want to achieve is that when you enter, it should redirect to the Go app instead of creating a new conference. we want the /api to become the root when creating rooms. e.g /api/rooms/new.

I used a location match (location = /api) in nginx to redirect it to our app using proxy_pass but I think I am missing something because anything that comes after /api e.g (/api/rooms/new) is still handled by Jitsi’s default and creates a new conference instead.

I am also looking into the possibility of using a subdomain ( to handle this. I just wanted to know if there is a special way of handling this custom routes since Jitsi might be using it exclusively.