Creating a client with lib-jitsi-meet without it's own server

I’m starting to play around with Jitsi and would like to work on a different UI for the conferences. This means I need to use lib-jitsi-meet and not the external API. But can I still do that and use the regular Jitsi Meet server without having to install my own? If it’s the case do I need a token?
This is my code:

  const options = {
    hosts: {
      domain: "",
      muc: "",
    serviceUrl: "wss://",

  const onConnectionSuccess = () => {
    const conference = connection.initJitsiConference("test123", {
      openBridgeChannel: true,
    console.log("userId", conference.myUserId());
  var connection = new JitsiMeetJS.JitsiConnection(null, null, options);

I manage to get the connection going but can’t join a conference and I get this error:
<l._allocateConferenceFocusError>: Focus error, retry after 1000

Any idea?


Any feedback for @johnlop? I’m doing something similar as well, using lib-jitsi-meet, and testing using the servers. I’d like to know if there are any additional barriers to be aware of.

@canadaduane Were you able to connect to the servers?

Yes I was! We have a demo running at

The source code is here:


Well done!

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We’ve since moved our Relm version 4 source code here (which was originally linked as

The Jitsi-relevant stuff is here: relm-v4/src/audiovideo at main · relm-us/relm-v4 · GitHub

We’re working on Relm 5.0 now, and will integrate Jitsi conferencing soon.

You should be using the iframe API on as per the terms and conditions of that service.

If you still want to use lib-jitsi-meet with our infrastructure you may want to try . We can probably help you achieve the same thing there.

Thanks for all Jitsi has done for us (for free!) while we’ve been in development. I will look into jaas.