Create very very simple conferencing system


in times of Corona we’re facing closed schools and the need for remote schooling and video conferences. Especially for younger children, simplicity is key, i.e. no complex user interfaces, not questions whether they want to use computer audio or enable the webcam or whatever else. I’m basically looking for a video conferencing solution that offers the following:

  • Run on dedicated infrastructure, no cloud
  • Have persistent predefined rooms with predefined passwords
  • Connect to rooms from browser via URL which includes room and password
  • Alternatively: Connect via desktop client with preconfigured room and password
  • Auto-enable webcam and audio upon connection
  • Allow teacher to mute/unmute all/some participants
  • “Raise-hand” button on client interface, but no other buttons

The perfect solution would be a raspberry pi in kiosk mode that calls exactly this one particular URL and then is connected to the conference. You wana join class? Ok, fire it up and two minutes later you’re talking to your teacher. Done with the class? Just power it off and tomorrow same thing different day… The Pi can be preconfigured (e.g. allow browser access to webcam or microphone) and only then rolled out to students.
A bonus would be a lobby function where the teacher can see if its really the kid and not some jerk trying to hijack the conference. Especially with minors a very sensitive topic.

Would this be possible with Jitsi?

Thanks for your help,