Create Second JVB on server with Docker

I try create second container with JVB on one server. I follow by instruction and it is not work :frowning:

Now I start new installation, first I create second JVB container with diffrents ports
(in firewall i open this ports)

Start container
When I communicate two people in one conf, I don’t have video and audio.
But when I stop second JVB all work!

load balancing doc say: Configure second videobridge instance just like the first one.

What is my mistake?

p.s. in load_balancing manual: Step 3

admins = {,,

It’s correct ? maybe need write:

Thanks for answers.

Have you figured this out? I am trying to deploy my second JVB in CentOS and it is not going well.

I solved this trouble.

My steps:

  1. edit compose file, copy jvb section and rename it and rename path to config dir
  2. run, In configuration dir, for second container I edit file and change default ports.
  3. restart all.
    Thats all, don’t edit prosody conf, jiconfo etc

Would you please post the files you changed if thats not too much trouble?
Also, is your second JVB hosted in a different server?

For second JVB I replace ports in

your second JVB hosted in a different server

No, all JVBs located on one physical server.

Thank you. I am going to try to deploy with docker swarm. If I am able to figure it out, i will post it here.

Ok, thanks. Thats maybe help me in the future.

@creativeguitar did you solve this? Can you share your solution?

Any luck?