Create room via REST API

Hello everyone.

I develop a web-app(speed-dating) where 2 anonymous users will be choosen and jitsi room with password will be created where these 2 users can speak for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes - room will be destroyed.
All processes should be automated and run without administration so users only need to click on the link.

For now I use secure domain(Secure Domain setup | Jitsi Meet) and time_restricted Prosody plugin to set a time limit to the conference. But there’s a problem with automatic room creation.

I tried to implement this one - Reservation System setup | Jitsi Meet
but it doesn’t quite suit my case(because administrators will have to pre-create rooms by hands and it doesn’t match what I described above.)

My question: Is it possible to integrate REST API for room creation and how to do it? If not - what other options do I have?

I didn’t understand why you need to create the room via API. If you already set a room ID for each pair and their join buttons point to this room, the room will be created when they join.

I don’t have a room ID. If I understood correct from this topic: (Secure Domain setup | Jitsi Meet) admin should join MUC room first and after my API should send JSON object with room information and response status 200 or 201 to create the room. But I need to automate this process, so admin don’t need to join the conference first.

What do you mean by admin and MUC room?

Admin - have access to create the rooms. MUC room - room/conference, I saw it’s called like that in docs

(Reservation System setup | Jitsi Meet)

“When the first user joins a MUC room (i.e. Jitsi Meet URL is opened), an HTTP POST request is sent to '/conference' endpoint with the following parameters included”

How do participants learn which room to join in your system?

Alhorithm will check available time when users can have a call relative on server load and already scheduled meetings. 5 minutes before a meeting they need to confirm their participation and at this time room must be created and link must be sent to both participants.

You don’t need this step, just send the meeting link with a token

Did not quite understand. Which token?

Don’t worry about the token for now. Is it possible to just send the link in your implementation?

I think no, because I have configured secure domain to restrict unwanted room creation.

But it’s possible to send the meeting link, right?

Yes. But that conference will be inactive.

If you enable the token authentication instead of internal_hashed (secure domain) and send a meeting link with a token, then the participants can join the room and noone else can join it since they don’t have a token.

Oh, thank you to help figure it out. I’ll try this.