Create participant id with help of jwt payload ID

Hi, I’ve installed the jitsi-meet in local system and trying to explore the system. I’m using JWT for authantication. I want to create the participant id as customised like, I’m passing payload into JWT like, email, ID, name. Is there any way we can use that ID as participant id.

Because using that I can use api.executeCommand and identified the user.

I try to explore the lib-jitsi-meet too but didn’t get the proper flow how to use it. Following function create the random 8 character id.

JitsiConference.resourceCreator = function(jid, isAuthenticatedUser) {
    let mucNickname;
    console.log("**** resourceCreator", jid, isAuthenticatedUser)
    if (isAuthenticatedUser) {
        // For authenticated users generate a random ID.
        mucNickname = RandomUtil.randomHexString(8).toLowerCase();
    } else {
        // We try to use the first part of the node (which for anonymous users
        // on prosody is a UUID) to match the previous behavior (and maybe make
        // debugging easier).
        // mucNickname = Strophe.getNodeFromJid(jid).substr(0, 8).toLowerCase();
        mucNickname = "12345678"
        // But if this doesn't have the required format we just generate a new
        // random nickname.
        const re = /[0-9a-f]{8}/g;

        if (!re.test(mucNickname)) {
            mucNickname = RandomUtil.randomHexString(8).toLowerCase();

    return mucNickname;

since jitsi id is created on the jitsi server, there is no way you can make it based on your input in iframe.
However you can get this id and save in your database to use it for api.executecommand
this is what I do:

var participants = api.addEventListener('videoConferenceJoined' , function(localuserid){
		let data = {jitsiid: };
		const userAction = async () => {
 const response = await fetch('savetodb.php', {
    method: 'POST',
  const myJson = await response.json();