Create own certificate for jitsi server

Hi Team,

I have installed own jitsi server and added the token authentication to my server. Also now I am able to get all the room details with https://mydomain:5281/all-rooms. It works fine when I make a call from postman. But when I call from the browser, it says: CA certificate is not trusted, it is not provided from trusted source.
The provider is auth.mydomain.

I then referred to the community discussions and created my own certificate. Then I replaced in /etc/prosody/conf.avail/mydomain.cfg.lua like this:
https_certificate = “/etc/letsencrypt/live/”.

When I restart the server, and make the same http call it says server not reachable.

Can anyone please tell me where is something going wrong.

All other features are working fine except the certificate issue for port 5281.

Note: Nginx configurations are automatically replaced when new certificate is installed. mydomain is a valid domain.

Thanks in advance.