Create meeting history and upcoming history

How can we get the server side recorded details not the video on the client side (details of number of participants, participant name and the meeting name).

Where are meeting details stored in the server code so that i can access them using an API.

I want to create a meeting history as well as the upcoming meeting history . All suggestions are welcome

I will paste here may answers for completeness from the closed issues from the github tracker.

i dont want to redirect to the same meeting again that i had started but instead i want to get the recorded meeting.

This functionality is not available, and it requires additional development on your side based on what authentication you had chosen for your system.

First you need to add a custom recording service, jibri should push recording to some storage you own. You need information for the user, for now jwt token is available to recognize users.
Then you need a service which users can query about recent meetings and recordings passing their jwt token so the service can recognize them. And then you need to modify the UI adding the functionality to query the service and show the meetings with their recordings.

I think I had answered most of the questions here: #4656
What you need is implement custom for your jibri instances, so you can upload the recordings on your system, the script has access to a metadata json file which contain jwt token of the user that created the recording.


when we can expect basic function in Jitsi.
Like Host can control on all Listeners
How we can get the reports how many meetings are running and how many people are join the meeting.
When we will increase the no of persons to login on in house servers with high config.
Can have any performance tuning parameters for Java.
Can we have any performance tuning on Bandwidth, For Jitsi we required much bandwidth and internet speed.

Please help me.