Create LoginScreen with Jitsi-meet mobile app

Hello Jitsi team,

First of all I’d like to emphasize your great work that helps us a lot being innovative.

I was asked to Add login Screen to Jitsi meet mobile app, So in turn I’ve created new loginScreen Component And used it as a root in AppRegistry in index.native.js.

My problem now is that i need to navigate to App component upon successful login.

I have googled a lot and tried almost every single solution out there but with no luck at all.
So if someone could guide me on how to use Jitsi routing or any other solution to Navigate and render App component.

Thanks in advance i really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

@saghul Any help I’ll be grateful I’m really stuck

@damencho if you could help me. I’m really looking for any help.
Thank you