Create link directly in Outlook

Hey guys,

Managed to get Jitsi meet installed on prem a few days ago, and then branded - was incredibly easy, and the forums were invaluable, so thanks!

I am waiting to simplify this for my users (who mainly use outlook) and aren’t… the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree shall we say.

My dream is to have a button in Outlook that just says “Generate Jitsi Meeting” and it calls a page, generates a meeting, sets a password and then returns that straight into an Outlook compose window.
I know there is integration for O365 and Google Apps, but we are on prem mail, so it sadly wont work.

So I have 3 main questions that i would appreciate some help on:

  1. Is there an API to do this?
    From what I gather there isn’t a generic “create meeting” for a later use BUT I could have a PHP page that generates a random string and return that link.
    You would then have to enter the meeting to set a password on a room.

  2. Setting the password programatically with securedomain enabled
    From this post it looks like you have to enter the room, set the password and then exit it. I have securedomain enabled with LDAP integration so i imagine i would have to auth against LDAP, set that and then leave?
    I know that you would still have LDAP auth for the host of the meeting, or whoever joins first, but I’m hoping to have a password set to send to external users to prevent random drop ins.
    I’m also not sure if that is for the onprem version of meet or the hosted one?
    Would the password then survive my “automation” user disconnecting from the room.

  3. Outlook integration
    This one is more a generic “Does anyone know” question - Does anyone know of a generic Outlook addin that will call a URL (eg the PHP page or whatever i make above) and return the contents to the compose window.
    Otherwise it looks like i have to build a whole Outlook plugin and that just looks… painful.

Advice appreciated.
Thanks heaps!