Create Google Calendar event with conference set to Jitsi

We’re creating Google Calendar invites for events using the Google Calendar API, and want to set the conference solution to our Jitsi instance, instead of Google Meet (which was created by default, and we disabled):

const event = {
  summary: 'Radical life extension',
  description: `...`,
  source: {
    title: 'Radical life extension',
    url: '',
  conferenceData: {
    conferenceId: 'addOn',
    conferenceSolution: {
      iconUri: '',
      key: {
        type: 'addOn',
      name: 'Jitsi',
    entryPoints: [
        entryPointType: 'video',
        label: 'Civility Meet',
        passcode: '1234',
        uri: d.url,
    signature: 'abc123',

const response = await{
  calendarId: 'primary',
  sendUpdates: 'none',
  resource: event,

The problem is that the conference information isn’t returned (and it doesn’t appear in the calendar event either). The calendar event creation response data does not include the Jitsi conference:

  kind: 'calendar#event',
  etag: '"3186651865578000"',
  id: '5mvdo0arhpdr1boiidg35cokn4',
  status: 'confirmed',
  htmlLink: '',
  visibility: 'private',
  iCalUID: '',
  sequence: 0,
  attendees: [...],
  guestsCanInviteOthers: false,
  guestsCanSeeOtherGuests: false,
  source: {
    url: '',
    title: 'Calendar test for the admins'

Any idea how to set the conference type to Jitsi?

I’ve looked at but there’s no code to create events, only to update. In I couldn’t find the code to create Google Calendar events using their API.

hi, did you find the answer? I have the same problem but in PHP, it is possible to create the video call with jitsi from google calendar api?