Create effects and apply to video

I want to get access to the video stream and add a filter in real-time.
Forexample when in a call, I want to be able to make my video stream grayscale for everyone, is this possible?

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Hi, Did you able to do that.
I have the same issue, please teach me

The easy way to do this would be to use a different app (e.g. mmhmm, camtwist, snap camera, …) that handles the effects and makes it available via a virtual camera. You can then simply select the virtual camera in Jitsi instead of your webcam device.

p.s. you may need to restart the browser after installing the app for the virtual device to show up.

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But I want to implement for users.
Not only for me.
There is any docs write about this?

I’m not sure there’s any specific doc on the Jitsi side since it is outside the scop of Jitsi – if the browser recognises the virtual camera provided by those apps then it would show just up as another video device the same as if you plugged in a second webcam.

The last time I tried using Snap Camera and mmhmm, the general steps are:

  1. Install the app e.g. mmhmm
  2. On first install, if virtual camera does not show up in Jitsi video device list, restart browser.
  3. Use Jitsi as usual, selecting the app camera when I want to

I suggest you try out a few option, and when you find one that you’re happy to recommend to your users, you can write up the instructions. The app itself may even have relevant docs that could help you get started e.g. How do I use mmhmm with Google Meet (and other browser-based apps)? – mmhmm

Thanks a lot @shawn
You’re my hero