Create custom Jitsi UI for iOS

Hi guys,

I need to find out how can i customise Jitsi UI and functionalities in iOS app and I’m not quite sure how to do that.

I followed the documentation, but that did not get me far.

First, should I create my own SDK as per ? If I clone jitsi-meet repo in my project, navigate to it and then enter the command from the link:

xcodebuild -workspace ios/jitsi-meet.xcworkspace -scheme JitsiMeet -destination=‘generic/platform=iOS’ -configuration Release archive

I get an error on Constructing build description line:

error: /Users/nikolaruskovic/Practice/Swift/JitsiCustom/jitsi-meet/ios/Pods/Target Support Files/Pods-JitsiMeet/Pods-JitsiMeet.release.xcconfig: unable to open file (in target “JitsiMeet” in project “sdk”) (in target ‘JitsiMeet’ from project 'sdk’)

Is there something I am doing wrong? If you could give me some more detailed info it would be of great help. Thanks!