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i need to create a prototype with jitsi that has the following features:

Loudspeaker Access

  • Access
  • See himself
  • See videos of connected users
  • Ability to set the mute at all
  • Ability to give the floor to a user
  • Ability to share the screen
  • To chat

User Login

  • access
  • Ability to see the speaker (bigger frame than the others)
  • Ability to see the other participants
  • Ability to chat

I need to know who the registered users are for how long they stay connected in the room.

Being a prototype I have no graphic needs, we’ll see later. The important thing is that the system uses php as the base language and then what it takes to integrate with jitsi.

I will make a provision a vps to which I will give full access to the whole unit.

Times: as soon as possible

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Hi Francesco,
All that you have described and are wanting done is well within my skill set and I would be happy to help you out on this.
Feel free to reach out to me on
Cheers and have a great day ahead,


We provide commercial support and services for Jitsi. We can customize and scale jitsi according to your needs. For more information please send us an email at and we will get back to you.

Could you give me price and cost?
How many concurrent users we can have?

Francesco Desiderio

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Hello Francesco,
I would suggest you to use Big Blue Button+ Green light LMS for that purpose, as it’s already has all needed functionality for you, while Jitsi has no user account management. So it would be much cheaper to install setup and integrate with your system. Can do that job for you.
You can see an examle:
It’s in Russian but you can open it with Google translate. We created this project for schools.
If you want to know more, please let me know.

Hi Francesco,

Almost everytihng you ask for can be done by default. What’s not supported is:

  • Giving floor to a participant. That could be programmed and it’s not a nightmare. Another customer has requested that feature as well, so costs could get reduced.
  • Logging for how long each participant has been on a conference. This will require a prosody module for logging user’s activity into a database and will never be perfect because most people simply closes the tab. Getting login time would be easy, logout, not so much.

All those features could be performed on the “Jitsi side” of the project. I guess your PHP requirement is because you want to embed jitsi inside your own e-learning intranet and that’s built on PHP. If so, jitsi (prosody) login should be tied to your intranet’s session and then it would be easier to get the login-logout time there instead of jitsi.


We (FLOSS) are running the Jitsi servers of 170 city councils in Catalonia, including Barcelona, with more than 1 thousand government meetings in the past 8 weeks, ranging from 30 minutes to 6 hours, from 5 to 71 participants, some of them with modified Jitsi interfaces. Next Tuesday we’re hosting our first >300 participants meeting.

Feel free to contact me at or +34666236433



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My email is: