Create an audio-only call

Looking at the main page on I cannot find any ways creating an audio-only call. Meaning I would want to create a room where webcam sharing is disabled completely, people would enter it and not have their webcam access requested, only their microphone access.

The way I see it implemented would be to have a checkbox below the “Start a new meeting” text box, named “Audio-only call” or something like that. Webcam access would not be requested for any of the users joining the call.

Is there already such a feature where I didn’t see it or does that look like a good idea to implement?


I have a similar use case as well. I am learning Japanese, and would like to practice pronunciation and listening through audio only session.

Initially I mostly invite people to use jitsi meet, and tell people that they can turn video off, so that they don’t need to worry about showing their face. But I find many people would rather trust the language app(s) that no one know what they do behind the scene, than using jitsi meet simply because those apps offer audio recording or audio only meeting feature.

So I would like to see such feature to be implemented. So I can recommend people to use it as I frequently jitsi meet in fact.