Crashing? on Chrome and Brave on iPad

I’m trying to use the browser version of Jitsi Meet on my iPad (tried the app but the app seems to not allow me to record a meeting, the screen just goes black when I try to record…).

Whether I use Chrome or Brave, I seem to get booted out after around 16 mins. The screen goes back to the white page with the ‘launch in app’, ‘launch in web’ options and when I rejoin the meeting, the meeting’s still active. Then it’ll do exactly the same thing after around another 16 mins. Does anyone know why it keeps doing this please? I need to get this sorted in time for meetings tomorrow morning.

Is this on or on your private server?

Hi Freddie. It’s on - I’ve since tried it on my MacBook on Brave and it’s fine. Just on iPad, Chrome, Brave, Safari it keeps booting me out every 16-17 mins

Sounds like an iOS issue. I don’t have a device at hand to check. Very strange that it works for exactly about 16mins and then disconnects. Can you test it on and share your experience?

OK, have tried it on that link and it still chucks me out at the same time!

Are you sure this is not something on your network? Do you have an iPhone? If so, can you try with mobile data instead? Even if not an iPhone, if you can hotspot your phone and connect your iPad to it then try.

I could try it either on iPhone or iPad using mobile data though I will have to wait till another day to do that. Though as mentioned, it works fine on my MacBook, which is on the same wifi network as my iPad, so not sure why that would make a difference - it’s the same wifi?

That might be a bug, what app version are you using?

It’s the latest version 22.4.0, only downloaded it a few days ago as am totally new to Jitsi.

I could just reproduce the problem. Thanks for the heads up!

Is there anything that can be done about this? I’ve just had a nightmare trying to teach pilates class on the browser version on MacBook - hooked up to my iPad camera using Iriun as Mac camera doesn’t work. Nobody could hear me, my camera kept dropping out. Then went onto the iPad app, where, as I had started recording the meeting on my Mac, the recording kept going when I joined on the app. That worked ok, except for one participant who was totally unable to unmute throughout the whole meeting. I was hoping to stop using Zoom so I can use Jitsi instead, but this morning has been a disaster :frowning: Can anyone help please with these issues?

I’m sorry youare having those issues.

We’ll get recording fixed on the app soon.

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Thank you. I have found a workaround for recording - if I start the meeting on the browser version and start recording, join from the app, then leave the browser version of the meeting, it will record fine. Obviously a bit of a pain to have to do this but looks as though it will work in the short term - I hope.

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