Crash on Firefox




Firefox crashes when doing web to web video call. Firefox generated 3 crash reports related to that crash.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Join a meet room on firefox and open ‘New Incognito Window’ on firefox with the same room name.
  2. Hang up and join multiple times. At some point firefox crashes.

Environment details

Firefox 62.0.2 running on MacOS High Sierra (10.13.2)

I was able to repro the crash on prior versions of firefox.

@damencho from jitsi replied:

There are known Firefox crashes with webrtc which are still not fixed, I suspect it is some of these:

But the issue is that doesn’t crash on firefox but jitsi does. It looks like it’s jitsi’s issue and not firefox.


Well, for sure Firefox should not crash. Maybe there are some issues that needs to be fixed, but I would say report it to Firefox, so at least they can fix the crashes.


It seems that firefox fixed the issue in versions 63 and 64 according to this ticket I’ve tested it on Firefox Nightly build and couldn’t repro it. So that issue can be closed :slight_smile: