Crappy installation script and options

The installation script on this software is poorly written and poorly designed. I should not have to spend hours trying to get this software to work, or record, or do whatever out of the package.

Every time I try to get this software working to record or whatever, I have issues.

Never in my life have I seen such a great piece of software and a piece of crap installation script.

So you create an account just to share with the world how inept you are. This is FREE open-source software, meaning, no one’s holding a gun to your head to use it. If there are legitimate issues, the community is glad to help (again, for FREE). But your inability to run simple commands (that many without any strong technical background have been able to run effortlessly), is not anyone’s liability. This is a horrible way to introduce yourself to the community.

You’re right… this is a horrible way to introduce myself to this community.

It’s also horrible that people end up wasting their time and energy trying to get the software working and not finding answers in the community or on the documentation that are clear and concise.

I understand your frustration. I’ve been there. But what I initially failed to appreciate is that we’re not simply installing a desktop app or a standalone service. Hosting a video conference infrastructure with many moving parts is by its nature complex, and the fact that the Jitsi folk managed to make this accessible to others (for free!) is absolutely amazing!

Think of it this way – installing a zoom client is trivial, but imagine (really really hard) that zoom were to give away it’s infrastructure code away, do you think it be as easy to deploy in your own infrastructure as Jitsi? Or that they would invest so much time supporting the community?

I should point out that I am not affiliated to Jitsi in any way. I’m just a grateful user that see the value in this project. I stumbled my way through my infra setup with ample help from the community, and I try to pay it forward by assisting others going through the same journey. Perhaps I could urge you to do the same?

Yes there is much room for improvement, but this is an open source project and a lot of that improvement can and should come from the community.

If you don’t like the software don’t use it, plain and simple.

Unless your feedback is constructive it’s not welcome here.

Last, this project owes you nothing, you are not entitled to making any requests.

Which installation script are you talking about? Can you share its link?

The main jitsi meet install script for ubuntu does give options for minimum, optional, or full setup.

Most of the things that are required to be done by hand, can be done by the install script if it is scripted to adjust the modifications.

After all, if it can already setup the basics of the configuration files, the install script can be modified to include options for security, and the style of security, as well as recording and the abilities and limitations of recording.

You might think I am asking for the moon, however, I’m not.

There should be no need to have to spend hours going over scripts and configuration files and so forth to try to get this software to work as designed.

What main script is that?