Crackle and pop in YouTube


For the past few weeks, every time we broadcast to YouTube the audio is full of crackles and pops, as can be heard here

This happens no matter who starts the streaming and it’s not related to our equipment. Moreover, during the call itself all of us can hear the other just fine.

Any ideas?

I have the same problem :frowning: started on June 4th.
Before that day everything was working fine.

Please, someone who can help us :slight_smile:

The problem was solved, since Saturday June 13 that no noises appear in my transmission.
Thank you very much to those who worked on it.

for any future searchers: Livestream YouTube Audio Crackling like jack contact sound, solutions? was the main thread for this, but the fix is now in master.

Yes, today’s transmission is working without issue. Thanks to everyone involved.

I saw the topic, thanks @bbaldino
But as you said its already in master now, does this means it is already able for download via apt-get update/upgrade jibri or the code is being reviewed?
Sorry if i made a dumb question :sweat_smile:

Hmm, no it looks like this hasn’t been pushed to unstable or stable yet. @damencho have I misread that? I checked here and here.

I was wrong, it is in the unstable repo, just not stable yet. I just promoted jibri_8.0-34-gd133175 (which has this fix) to stable so it should be there now.

Amazing bro!
this will save a lot of effort for everyone

I´ll update my jibri and try this version