CPU usage of jitsi-videobridge2 on idle install steadily increasing, since 2.1-304-g8488f77d-1


Since updating the Jitsi packages on my small Debian 10 (buster) VPS from the download.jitsi.org apt repository on September ~2nd, the CPU usage of jitsivideobridge2 has been increasing steadily, as can be seen on this graph:

(The dip is when I noticed it, and tried restarting the service.)

The system is idle, so it’s doing that all by itself. The jitsi-videobridge2 package version is 2.1-304-g8488f77d-1.

As the graph shows, before the update the CPU usage was lower and constant (and has been since I installed Jitsi on the VPS in March).

Any ideas of what has changed, is there something I can adjust?

Thanks for a very useful application!

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Thanks for the report. Believe we found the bug here, the fix is in https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-videobridge/pull/1415


Thanks, looking forward to trying it out!

(I tried apt source jitsi-videobridge2 to build a package with the patch applied, but it looks like the source package isn’t available).

I installed the new packages yesterday, and the CPU usage is constant again:

Thanks for taking care of the issue!