CPU load once again


on a conference with 9 people I see a CPU load over 2.5 on one of our videobridges, sometimes peaks up to 3. With 8 CPUs it’s a usage of about 18%. Is that normal?


By profiling the JVB server we have noticed that it is configured to do some excessive logging, that takes the server down when load increase, you can disable the JVB server logging and improve performance by changing the following in /etc/jitsi/videobridge/logging.properties

much of the excessive logging on the JVB server started to appear when end users are overloaded so you may want to recuce the load on the clients as well by performing the following tweaks:

By doing the above tweaks will allow a single server to handle 200+ users.



Funnily enough, I made exactly these adjustments today ( resolution 480, blue audio dots, blur except for the logging. I’ll wait for the latter.

Is there a difference between DISABLE_VIDEO_BACKGROUND and videobackgroundblur in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/interface_config.js? I just removed videobackgroundblur from TOOLBAR_BUTTONS so nobody can select it.

Yes the difference is:
DISABLE_VIDEO_BACKGROUND controls the smearing of the current video into the gray area outside and around the video frame
and videobackgroundblur controls the end user effect processing in the setting menu that makes it blurry around the participant inside of the videoframe (hides your cats face and bookshelf).