Couple of issues with "Hide self view"

I’m testing out the “Hide self view” that showed up recently (thanks!), and it seems to work well enough. There are however a couple of quirks:

  1. The settings to unhide is currently under “Settings > profile”, which is problematic for deployments that has disableProfile set, or when used with JWT auth since profile settings are not displayed. In this case, there is no obvious way for users to unhide self view.

    • Can we move the unhide option to a different tab in settings?
    • Alternatively, is there an option to disable the “hide self view” feature?
  2. This is less an issue but something that confused me (granted, I’m easily confused :upside_down_face:) – if previously set to hide self view, the next time I join a room I immediately get that popup about how to un-hide and yet the self-view tile is visible (only disappears when someone else joins).


Hmm… but that disables self view instead of disable the option for users to choose “Hide self view”.

The issue I am trying to work around is that once users hide self view, they can no longer unhide since we use JWT and the profile tab is not visible in settings.

Oh, you are right, I too quickly responded. I passed your feedback to the team.
So we will work on it/discuss it …
Any PRs are welcome :slight_smile:
The thing about moving it … I think we need maybe product opinion …

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  1. Good points, @damencho already created a PR addressing those.
  2. I can see how it can be confusing, but this only happens if you’re the first in the meeting. The notification shows because you have Hide self-view set to true. But you can see the self-view because you are alone in the meeting (the self-view is always shown when you’re alone in a meeting to avoid other issues)
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Ah, I see what you’re saying, but I wonder if this is the best way to present this though. It looks like the choice is saved in cache; for this particular setting, I think it might make sense to set the memory to “none” because it’s certain to be confusing (notification that doesn’t immediately align with what’s seen, in the case of the meeting host OR confusion as to why the local video is missing, if a person joins another meeting).

This concern has been addressed - and beautifully so too! :smiley: I absolutely love the new implementation! Right from the self-video. Brilliant! Thanks Team!!!

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There is still a small problem when a profile is disabled. It’s impossible to unhide when you are already hidden because there are no more three dots indicating the options pane.

Yes, that’s essentially the main concern when I started the thread.

If you visit you’ll find that this is now addressed by moving the option to the “More” tab in settings:


@damencho if all goes well will this make it into the cut for the upcoming stable release?

I also have the same issue. We set disableLocalVideoFlip to true. This disables the three dots.

Indeed. I can confirm that’s the case. Sounds liked a relate by slightly different bug. The version currently in beta would workaround that issue since the option can now be toggled from the “More” settings.

But yes, there seems to be a different bug here – when disableLocalVideoFlip=true, then three dot menu is hidden rather than simply removing that option. This is inconsistent with the case where disableSelfView=true where the option is dropped from three dot menu, but menu still visible.

I’ve created a PR for this:

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@netFLOw fix for this issue is merge.

You can test this alpha: