Counting time start after conference

Hello there.

I just install jitsi, and gonna test it.

But i see the time of confenerce doesn’t starts

I lose a little bit time to google it, and when i return to test conference my timer is counting.

I check it 3 times, can some help me?

Timer starts maybe after 1 or 3 minutes

i’m just mean
when i start confrenece timer is 0:00
after couple minutes he started

in conference statistics timer stays on 0 second, but i’m talking
anyone have this problem?

Is your machine time in sync with server time?

I’m asking that because how it works is the server sends meeting start time to the client, and the client works out the elapsed time locally. If local machine time is behind the time sent by the server, then “now - start_time” would be a negative value and it makes more sense for the timer to show 0:00 than a negative duration.

So perhaps your machine time is 1-3 minutes behind the server?

My machine and server have the same time, synchronized with UTC +3

I’m trying to find something about this problem, but don’t see any topic like my problem

Does meeting with >1 people work as expected?

Do you see any errors in browser console or prosody logs?

Nope, 1 or 2 people dosen’t matters

don’t see any erros on prosody logs. On browser logs see only transaltion problem, think it dosen’t matters

So everything else works as expected (everyone can see/hear each other), and conference duration counter is wrong from everyone?

I was asking about >1 users because what the conference duration module does is quite trivial – once there are more than 1 occupant (1st real person + focus) then the meeting start time is set and sent to everyone. So if this goes wrong, then it is possible that it is just a symptom of some other issue with your setup.

If you are sure that there is no clock inconsistency issues, and everything else works as expected, then I’m out of ideas. Sorry.

I check my problem again.
I didn’t do anything and now IT WORKS