Couldn't see other video when just two in conference

When I started a conf via and the first person joined, I couldn’t see his video and he couldn’t see mine. I dropped out and rejoined and no joy. Some time later, a 3rd person joined and all video worked fine. When one left, I had about 4-5 seconds of the remaining video and then it dropped out. Audio worked fine the entire time.

If you can reproduce the problem, you can save the console js logs from the browser from both sides that cannot see and hear each other and send it here so we can diagnose what is going on. Thank you.

How do I save the logs in chrome on windows? The other user was on the iPhone app…


View - Developer tools → console, right click “Save as”.

I tried it between two windows machines I have and it worked fine. I’ll see if I can do a test against the iPhone
and let you know.


How to save in the Jitsi iPhone app? Possible?


I tried again with Win 11 against the iPhone app and it worked fine! I don’t know what happened on 5/7. I’ll keep an eye on it.