Could not see video between parties after upgrading to the newest version of Jitsi-Meet server?

According to the current test results, if you use the old version of lib-jitsi-meet.js to connect to the new version of server, you cannot see the video of the other party. So the conclusion is that the Client/Server versions need to be consistent. To be exact my react-native sdk still used v2.0.6689 , while I am trying to upgrade server to 2.0.8319 update date (2023/2/17).

I wonder, Is this because the current version fully move to unified plan already? What is the best way to update this react-native sdk since I already put a lot of my own modification in this SDK. Thank you

Most probably this is the multistream support which is default now and the old one is not supported anymore.

You need to port your changes to the latest source code. Or think of a way to make those independent. Any PRs are welcome.

Yeah, we advise moving backend and frontend together. We try to keep mobile SDK compatible, but that is not always possible.

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Thank you for the reply, actually, we still can see the video if both parties use the same react-native-SDK version, but when another party is a desktop using the newest client, they will not see the video of each other. I guest that the only solution, I will try to upgrade to the newest version for react-native-sdk.