Could I store the session recording in another way without using Dropbox?

any way to download the videos locally

Yes, you can now use the Local Recording feature to save a meeting recording to your machine.

i can only see dropbox option :frowning:

Oh, is this on If so, the feature has not been released there yet. I thought you’re hosting your own server.

No, I am using the jitsi server on my moodle website

Luckily for you, it’s now available on :smiley:


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Hi Freddie!

For me this setting appears as in your print.
But before, the recording was saved in Dropbox and the screen was recorded as the point of view of the viewer watching the meeting (especially the shared content and if only the camera was opened).
Until 9/9/22 it was that way and it was going well. However, some changes were made and I noticed some issues.
The fact that the recording can be downloaded locally is great, but the option “save recording file locally (beta)” seems to be mandatory as the button doesn´t turn off. If I keep only this option on, the recording fails, on any chosen tab.
If I choose to record the entire screen the recording also fails.
If I choose the Jitsi window and select the Jitsi screen, it also fails the recording.
The option ”record only my audio and video streams” records only the audio.
The only option that records the video and audio is by selecting the internet tab, but it is as if it were the screen recording, which does not show what I share unless you click “show me what I ́m sharing” (and even then, the content does not fit the entire screen). The recording is not made as if it were the viewer’s point of view, as it was before.
The voice of the participants in the recording present a terrible reverb.
I’m not from IT, unfortunately, so which option should be selected for the recording to be made as before, that is, as the viewer watching the meeting (with audio, video and speakers)?
And from what I understand, we no longer have the option to save to Dropbox, correct?
I’d be very grateful if you can help me!

This is the default configuration for for now. If you host your own server, you can still enable Dropbox recording.

how can i enable dropbox?