coTurn with docker two jvb

Hi !

I’ve been working with a jitsi-meet docker installation for a few month now. The thing is some of our clients are behind corporate firewall so they have issues with joining the bridges on port 10000+/UDP.

So I decided to setup a coturn server and configure Jitsi to use it as a failover. I set it up in a testing environment close to the production one. I mainly followed this article Settingup a Turn Server for Jitsi Meet - Meetrix.IO and adapted it to this docker image Docker Hub

I have host 1 with jitsi version stable-5142-4 (jvb, jicofo, xmpp_prosody, web) and a load balancing haproxy.
I also have host 2 with jvb only.
I created host 3 with a docker coturn running.

On a computer I created a firewall rule to block all outgoing trafic on port range 10000-20000/udp.

When I activate this rule and start a new conference with one user on a network with nothing blocked and 2 or more on the computer with blocked ports, it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometime it looks like there is two different conferences. But when I look at the bridges logs only one is used which is the normal behavior.

To be certain that it wasn’t a bridge issue I disabled the on on host 2 and the result is the same, sometime all the users are in the same room and sometime one user can’t see the other.

I have this firefox logs with some working and failing connections.
aboutWebrtc.html.txt (1.2 MB)
(it’s a txt file because I can’t upload .html)

My coturn configuration is this :
coturn.conf.txt (842 Bytes)

I’ve been strugling for a while now, any help or ideas are welcome :slight_smile:

Cheers and thanks for all the work you’re putting into this great tool !