Coturn server konfiguration

Hi, so … I am trying to configure coturn with jitsi - but do not know how (absolute beginner). First I installed coturn and tried to configure ist with jitsi … After a lot of tries I went back to the stable Jitsi-Meet installation without coturn because there was a notice that jitsi comes with an integrated coturn server so that ist is not necessary to install it … Is this right?

Then I looked to the handbook and found an manual to do so (" Use TURN server on port 443"). There is mentioned to

" create a file in /etc/nginx/modules or /etc/nginx/modules-available . If you are placing the file in /etc/nginx/modules-available you need to add a symlink in /etc/nginx/modules-enabled ."

Now I would like to Know: Which file-name is required? And: I do not know how to create a symlink … I searched for an example … but did not find anything for beginners like me.

And: Is this now the right way to configure the Coturn server (a turn DNS is available)?

Thanks a lot and greetings

Hello @marcus2,

As a quick solution, you can try this method to install jitsi

ouch. It’s somewhat implicit that in setting up an Internet Linux server you have basic knowledge in server management. You have an automatic setup yes but for anything more involved than setting up a basic server in exactly the approved configuration, you are back to command line. Coturn is used for ‘corporate’ clients (and sometimes by people using Vpns), so it’s not exactly essential for small groups of friends.

well there is thing called ‘man’ (man ln) or this other thing called ‘internet search engine’ sometimes called ‘googling’.

ln -s the-file-you-want-to-link-to the-link-name

cd /etc/nginx/modules-enabled
sudo ln -s /etc/nginx/modules-available/your-file.conf

→ not typing a link name will create a link with the same name as the target in the source directory.