Coturn server: connection without video to organizer - with video between participants?

First thanks a lot for your advices - so it was possible to activate coturn server on port 443 like it is discribed in the handbook.

Testing the new configuration with open ports 80 and 443 only there was this result:
The organizer could not see the participants allthough they were locked in (no video). The participants could not see the organizer but they could see each other.

So: the connection via 443 does function - right? But only for the participants. Why?

Thanks for help and greetings

I don’t see what you mean by that.

not necessarily, if you had only the meeting creator and 2 participants they could communicate by P2P if the organizer has no video at all for whatever reason.
If you want to know what your coturn server is doing it’s better to enable the telnet interface and to ask it directly for a process snapshot:

telnet localhost 5766

1) id=000000000000000001, user <1598706006>:
      client protocol TLS/TCP, relay protocol UDP

Thanks - you really helped with your advices :slight_smile: And now it is clear how to create symlinks and why :smile:

The solution about the last post is very simple (I do not want to mention - but perhaps it’s usefull for anyone): The video-signal from the organizer of the meeting did not function because of the browser (vivaldi). With chromium it does work perfectly.

So - thanks a lot … the learning goes on :slight_smile: