Coturn can not read key file


I am monitoring my jitsi instance and I could not make an ssl connection to jitsi although it did work okay and we could make calls just fine.
When I restarted coturn I’ve seen the following in the logs:

turnserver[4794]: 0: WARNING: cannot find private key file: /etc/jitsi/meet/ (1)

First question here: to let coturn use tls, it has to be able to read that .key file, correct?
Second question: What should we do to correctly use the tls key for all services, since I don’t think that setting the file permission to -rw-r–r-- is not a good practise.

Any hints?


Not sure when did you install and what OS version, but there were some problems around those files and permissions on Debian10 so we did add some modifications where the keys are copied to coturn only folder on every LE renew and coturn is using it from there.

Yeah, thats Debian 10 and I installed like a month ago.

Yeah probably your coturn is using directly the certs. Check this, you may want to do it this way