COTURN AWS Installation

Hello everyone, I have a problem when installing COTURN on my own server, I am currently following this guide

everything is going well, what happens is that when I get to this part:

The external_ip field exists, but I don’t know what value should go in this field since I am in an aws instance and the external ip address is constantly changing so I would like to know what value I should put here, currently I left it empty and these were the results from the test of my COTURN server:

but in these results I do not see that the relay type connection is being tested, so I suspect that if you try to use relay with this server it will not work, do you know anything about this? that should go in that field of the file according to this short guide that I mention, I would appreciate your help thanks.

You can delete this line completely. IIUC it’s not required in your system

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