Correct way to start with/without camera

Good morning Community.

We are facing some issues related to set mic and camera as enabled/disabled before starting the meeting.

In order to set these values, we are modifying localStorage (features/base/settings) key. We realized that setting “startWithVideoMuted” as true in localStorage prevents the participant to enable its camera (he can turn it on, but other participants can see it. it only happens for >=3 participants). If we pass this option via url param (#config.startWithVideoMuted=true) it works properly. No prejoin page enabled.

Which one is the recommended/official way? localStorage or urlParams? Thanks!

If someone is facing the same issue:

In latest stable version, if you try to mute camera using localStorage (no prejoin page), you are going to experience a lot of issues. Try to use hash param instead or add the following code: