Correct way to send JWT to Jitsi Meet Frontend (and extra params)

Good morning.

I’ve configured JWT authentication without allowing empty tokens. As far as I know, we have to send extra params to an existing meeting by query param (https://mymeeting/xxxx?jwt=yyyy) or by hash params (https://mymeeting/xxxx#userinfo.displayName=“MyCustom”). Even local storage works on some cases (features/base/settings).

First of all, I wonder if there’s some documentation about the official way to handle this because I weren’t able to find it (only some topics with different mechanisms).

In the other hand, I experimented some issues related to the first approach (query param or hash param). It works correctly the first time. After a successful join to the meeting, url params dissappears (which I think is correct). But if the user reloads the page then jwt and other extra params are no longer available so the user is asked to enter it’s credentials again.

I bet this could be handled by saving this information in localStorage, but I don’t believe that features/base/settings key could do the trick because users may join to distinct meetings with different params (displayName or JWT) at the same time. So I truly believe that a custom key for storing different params in each meeting is needed.

I don’t know if I am missing something or there’s a working implementation that allows this kind of behavior.

Thank you for your time.