Copy Toggle Tile View Button into existing project

Hi there!

I saw in the latest Jitsi meet master version there is a “Toggle Tile View” button in the bottom toolbar now which I Don’t have in a previous version my project has.

Is it possible to have someone write down the steps I need to take in order to copy this button and functionality from the latest Jitsi Meet into my existing Jitsi Meet project?

I’ve been trying to figure out where the Jitsi meet buttons are stored and how they are added but I’m not very good at figuring out abstract code yet or how each button uses the abstract code to be created.

Thanks in advance!

You say you want to port the feature to an old jitsi-meet version?
Mind that this is a huge task as it is not just a button. Your best shot will be to find the tile view PR and merge the changes, then find all fixes around small videos that were fixed and merge those.
In general this is a bad idea as your code diverge more and more from upstream, it is unmaintainable and you cannot merge new fixes. You better make your changes in a way so you can easily move them over jitsi-meet and do this way update meet and merge your changes and best is to automate this.

hi @damencho,

What would you say is the best way to port over my own customized changes to a newer version of jitsi meet?

It seems the changes made to my current project delve a lot deeper than just react > features. CSS files were added / modified, I think there were changes to modules folder… maybe a few others.

Sorry, I’m still new to the programming world and updates.
Any advice you can provide would be great! Thanks!

Well the best is to have as minimal as possible conflicting areas. And to be able to extend jitsi-meet in adding your changes on top of existing code.
If some hooks or extension points are missing, offer changes with a PR, so other can also extend and make modifications and you will benefit of having these hooks in upstream …

In general we are doing many modifications that sometimes come because of browser new versions, so you need to update and keep up to date with stable to make sure you are in a good shape.

Hi @damencho,

So is there an npm install command that I can use to update my version of jitsi or is best practice to download the latest version and then copy my modified files into the new downloaded version?

Just update using git.

I’m sorry to be such a bother… Do you have a page or document or command that describes how best to do that?
I couldn’t seem to find out how to do it from googling.

Is it just the lib-jitsi-meet library that gets updated or is it the entire project and all base files too?

I’m sorry, I’m very new to this whole process. Still in school for programming.
Thank you.

Maybe this

Yes this will update the whole project with all dependencies.