Controlling who sees camera video

One of the things that many educators (and researchers) are hearing is that students are reluctant to turn on their cameras because of concerns about being judged - either by their peers or by their teachers - on their appearance or their environment.

A proposed solution to this concern is to allow users (e.g. students) to control who (e.g. everyone; instructor; selected people) gets to see their camera feed. In theory this might promote a sense of control which can lead to a sense of safety and then to participation. From the perspective of the teacher, having more active cameras makes it a lot easier to “read the room” and improves their experience (and likely that of the rest of the class).

So … not having looked into the architecture of Jitsi Videobridge(?) would it be possible to allow individuals to control who sees their camera feed? A first implementation of this feature would likely be “Just to the Organizer” and “To Everyone”, with the ability to specify a list of other participants as a possible extension.

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I have no idea if this can be implemented, however I support this request.

I think this is one case where Video Conferencing (i.e. virtual classrooms) can provide a benefit that is not possible in the real world class room.

I would add another request: Similar to the already existing Jitsi feature: ‘Send private message’ feature, it would be good for the teacher to be able to have a separate “private voice and video (and or/ screen sharing) discussion” with a student, while also monitoring (that is watching and hearing) the main meeting where all the other students are currently. This would be like a breakout room, but where the teacher can still hear the sound from the other students as well as the sound from the student they are working with, and also see each of their individual videos windows. During the private session, any communication from the individual student and the teacher are only heard by the student and the teacher. The teacher could switch to speaker to the entire class whenever they needed to, and then back to the individual student.

This would mimic how a teacher can walk around the classroom, monitoring the students as they are working, and then stop, and quietly chat to one student while providing specific instruction to the one student. I expect that this feature would be even more challenging to deliver.

This is already available.

I guess I thoughts were not very clear, so I have edited my original wording to add more explanation.

Seems like the breakout rooms feature will probably work for your use case.

(I am unsure of when this will be available in stable)


Breakout rooms! Wow, that looks great. Looking forward to when it can make its way into production. No rush. This might take time, it does not look too easy to do. I do like it though. Thanks to the teams working on this…

Given the potential of the Breakout Rooms pull request to address the “one-on-one interaction” idea, I was hoping to reorient this thread back to the idea of allowing users to control who can see their live camera feed (e.g. “everyone”, “organizer”, “just these people”).

I skimmed through the Jitsi Videobridge code, and discovered that I am not qualified to assess whether adding this kind of control is something straightforward or something that would require pervasive changes?

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