Controlling the Stacking Order of Certain Components

I am trying to better understand the Jitsi Meet architecture. Recently I got a question from a client about why the lobby dialog appears behind the chat window. I tried looking at the Jitsi Meet code to figure out how this works, but I don’t see any particular z-indexes that would be controlling this behavior.

Does anyone have an understanding of how the order of elements is setup within Jitsi? Would there theoretically be a way to add a high z-index to the knocking participant list to put it in front of the chat window? (If so, I would assume for this to be a new feature it would need to be added as a config value at some point).

I was able to find that the order of elements is controlled by various z-indexes which are defined through variables. I just needed to switch the variable under z-index for #notification-participant-list to $sideToolbarContainerZ + 1 to ensure that the notification will appear above the chat sidebar.