Control panel

Can I suggest the server owner having a control panel via a web page, type of panel?
Make access to firewall rules and connections coming in.
Add options that would allow a server owner to have abuse or complaint system in place so that you can ban the troller by IP, also ban proxies or even countries. As I am a PfSense user, it would be a great way to control attacks and have a good UI to do it from.
With a webpage as the UI, the server owner could shut down people with great ease and also have the space to place buttons for other options like how many in a room to who is the moderator, a simple on and off button could be applied, you could easily see what IP goes to who on the network of rooms and ban it through the firewall, then you could keep most of its the way it is but still have someone who can stop attacks in the background. I have done this before so it’s possible to do. When I made one once I made it so it had a search that did a match to the person behind the IP so it was quick and easy to DC them. With a simple report button on the user.
I still haven’t had a response on the Static room idea I had?
A simple ping from the server could keep a room static. also from the server owner UI
The server owner admin page would have huge potential because you could control anything from there.

I think its a great idea if it is handled properly.

Have a good think about this one I think you could bypass a lot of security problems with this idea.