Control Panel For Jisti-Meet

Sorry upfront for my noobness lol
I have been reading a lot of posts on here and I am starting to get confused on all the names there are for different things.

Has there been a powerful control panel developed for jitsi?
Kick, Ban, and all the rest of it for the owner of the whole server?

I got to be missing something here or is the security side still in Dev?
What’s the name of the control panel I would have to install for jitsi-meet, and what does it do.

my project is going to be mainly browser-based but I’m guessing that whoever makes the room has a control panel or at least control over the people that enter, kick, ban whatever.

but for the server owner (me) there must be a control panel for attacks of hacks because Linux is easy to hack using python scripts.

Is there ways to gets to the firewall on server side without 100 command lines :wink:

one other thing once it is installed what is the update command lines?
There must be a Gui for the server owner at least?

My last chat client was on a VPS and was on windows coding in for the and SimpleWebRTC.
It was bulletproof because I used the bitcoin hash method for people to register.
if you are interested in the source code give me a shout.

I’m sure I’m missing parts of Jitsi I don’t know about lol
I am a Security I.T guy as well so its something that keeps bothering me so any devs that look at this what would you have as a server owner to control attacks or is there any control panels I need to learn about.

Many thanks and keep up with the great work because I will be using jitsi long term.

Thanks in advance