Control load balancing


we run two servers for our school running Jitsi, each VPS with 8 CPU, 30GB RAM and 600MBit/s port.

The first server runs Nginx, Jicofo and the first JVB on a system with Ubuntu 20.04.

On the second server only a second JVB.

Unfortunately, the load balancing does not work to our satisfaction. On the first server, the system load unfortunately increases to over 11 with many conferences and participants, while on the second server the system load remains at 3. Unfortunately, the high load sometimes leads to disconnections.

How can we better distribute the load so that perhaps more conferences are pushed to the second server?

To be clear, the first server runs your full Jitsi package with Jitsi Meet, Jicofo, Prosody and one JVB, right? Presumably, you did a quick install on the first server and then installed just JVB on the second server, correct?

Yes, you are right

What do you see in your js console when you’re running a meeting? Any errors?

Should I check when the server is under load or does it not matter?