Control Edit Panel Server Side

You know what id love to see one day, a server-side Control panel for self-managed owners.
When I use to make WebRTC services or chat clients, I’m a bit old school lol
I always made sure there was a control panel for the owner so they could keep an eye on the system files , say for editing the welcome page and so on.
With us, it was easy because we always used windows and and for coding server-side control panels
You could make a mega control panel for banning, blocking proxies, making rooms invisible, editing files, all kinds of security and the list goes on but I don’t think I will be seeing that any time soon, If only you created this for windows server you would have so many more options and so many more devs involved. Trouble is I bet it will happen but not 8x8 or Jitsi, someone else will pick up on it and then there will be another client for windows server. Don’t get me wrong I’m not ranting and I love using Jitsi on my new startup but with all my experience you could have done a lot better with windows. It is not that I dislike Linux but you can do a lot more with windows than Linux. I am still a total noob to this jitsi
But I have no idea how to get to files to edit them and any wrong command-line can crash the whole setup and I guess that’s always been a big worry working with Linux :wink: But that’s what support forums are for so I’m going to try and keep learning and crack on :slight_smile: all the best to you and stay safe.