Contributing to Jitsi


Dear Jitsi community,

We are a team of five french students from the engineering school ECE Paris, and we are currently working on a project idea we called “the silent classroom”.

The idea behind it is to connect teacher and students on a unidirectional audio call and a chat, through a LAN network. That way no teacher will ever be frustrated by not being able to properly teach again, and no student will not be able to listen to his class because of the ambient noise or the lack of equipment! Everything would be instantly available on their phone and without any internet access needed!

With this idea in mind, we started searching for every communication protocol, application and device that would allow us to do that and found Jitsi.

We are reaching to you today because we would like to know if our idea is compatible with the project’s goals and if our work could contribute to it. Added to that, we strongly believe in the Open Source and participating to your community and working to expand it would be a really successful achievement for us!


The Silent Classroom team.



I’m not able to answer all your questions. It certainly seems like an interesting project.

The main issue I see is authentication. How do you make sure that the teacher will be able to speak while all students are muted? Jitsi Meet does offer a mode of authentication. The property is called:
enableUserRolesBasedOnToken in the config.js. When this enabled, you need to provide a token in the URL when you join the room if I remember correctly. See You will need to make changes such that guests (those who do not provide tokens) are not allowed to speak. Next to that, you will need to create a mechanism which makes teachers join via a token.
Alternative, students on good faith can simply not unmute themselves.

I’m wondering about the LAN requirement. Do you not have the eduroam network available in all classes? You will still need routers in every class room? Or do you want to create a mesh network?