Contracting work for JITSI Development and Infrastructure

Hi Everyone,

We are looking to hire developers on contract basis to build out features in JITSI.

Please DM me for details at

We are looking for a Jitsi expert that can help us sort out understanding around infrastructure, development and deployments, I.e.

Help understand successful Jitsi-based solutions/deployments, and verified techniques utilized

• Provide information on technologies and techniques for meetings, test load simulations, for stress/performance and capacity testing for a large-scale deployment

• Advise the team on best operational practices for a Jitsi-based solution, including provisioning, monitoring, alerting, compliance, privacy, etc.

• Advise on how others have solved issues like Memory/CPU consumption.

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Hi @Ranjit_P - I have sent you a DM and email as well;

Hi Ranjit,
We sent you a DM. Kindly check it out.
Thank you.