Continue with App / Join with App does not work on 1st try on iOS


It seems that the “Continue with App” or “Join this meeting using the app” link on mobile promo page does not work on iOS (14.3) if the jitsi meet app is closed. This is the link, I tried it also by building my own mobile page:

<a target="_top" href="">Join by App</a>

On android it works fine but on iOS I need to click the link twice: The first tap opens the app, but without any parameters so the default page is shown (enter a roomname…) . On the second click or if the jitsi meet app was already opened before the user succesfully joins the room.

Is there any way to fix this?

I found this: 'Continue to App' button not working for IOS App

but I did not build my own app; I’m using the normal jiti meet app from the appstore.