'Continue to App' button not working for IOS App

I have installed jitsi meet on my own server and re-branded Android and IOS apps with a little customization.
When on mobile, “Download App” button is redirecting to the app store perfectly on both Android and IOS.
BUT It’s redirecting to the App correctly on Android phone by clicking on ‘Continue to the app’ button but it’s not redirecting on Iphone/Ipad.

Here is how I setup ‘interface_config.js’ ( https://prnt.sc/r1xq43 ). I didn’t make any other change but just changed links, APP_SCHEME and ANDROID_APP_PACKAGE .

You need add your custom scheme (APP_SCHEME) to iOS for deep linking. Also, you’ll need to set it up here: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/3e40bb19cdb79d685fd81cf494f42a5c3f5916ba/ios/app/src/AppDelegate.m#L43