Continue sharing webcam when you start sharing screen

I have a few people that have been testing Jitsi internally for a few days. Been very happy with it so far, but one recurring complaint from users…

Users initially join with their webcams on and microphone’s on. When each has to share their screen, the webcam is turned off. They can then turn their webcam back on in a PIP like view by turning on the webcam again. But they don’t think about it and others in the meeting are then left waiting or commenting that the webcam is off.

Is there a setting or way to have Jitsi continue sharing the webcam and simply start sharing the screen? End users find it annoying when “everyone else” does this if you share the screen, but not Jitsi (or at least as far as I can find).


That is because there used to be a limitation where only one video stream can be sent per user – hence video is turned off by default when screensharing.

However, support for multiple video streams is coming very soon and this means that starting screenshare will send out another video stream and your webcam will continue to be visible as usual. You can try this out on This can also be enabled in your own deployment if you are self-hosting.

We are self-hosting. Can you provide details on enabling this?

flags: {
        sourceNameSignaling: true,
        sendMultipleVideoStreams: true,
        receiveMultipleVideoStreams: true,

More info about each config:

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Outstanding. Thank you very much!

I just want to confirm for anyone wondering, this solved the problem!

Quick update for those that read this in the future…

This works, with a weird caveat.

If Person A and Person B are in a meeting together, and Person A (or B) share their screen, this works great.

The moment Person C joins the meeting, then the shared screen goes to black. The only fix we’ve seen is for the person sharing their screen to refresh their jitsi meeting webpage. When it reloads, if they share their screen again, then everyone can see the person’s screen.

To put it another way, don’t have anyone share until everyone is in the meeting that will be in the meeting.

Not sure if this is a bug, or a “feature”.

Pretty sure it’s not meant to work like that, so baring configuration errors on your end, it’s most likely a bug.

@joshy80 if the person sharing was chrome, this indeed was a bug and was fixed today by @jallamsetty


Everyone in the meeting is using Chrome. So it looks like it is a bug and it is fixed. I look forward to using the next release of Jitsi!

IIUC you may disable P2P for a quick fix.

I tested this today and when sourceNameSignaling was true, video from Chrome (macOS and Windows) would not display on mobile devices (iOS or Android SKDs). However, all video steams from mobile displayed correctly in Chrome. Interestingly enough, video between the 2 mobile devices displayed as expected.

As soon as I set sourceNameSignaling back to false all video started displaying properly again.

Can anyone else reproduce this? I can open a ticket if its not just me.

Do you have jitsi-meet/config.js at f38c5f39d27c158d9b29aa02d8cf8b180f184cea · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub and latest jvb?

Yes receiveMultipleVideoStreams is true

I’m running jvb 207577-2022-08-02… But will test again with 207648-2022-08-11

You also set and the mutli stream flag?

Yes. All 3 were/are true