Content sharing not working on Jitsi Meet Server

Our Jitsi Meet server (with latest stable) seems 100% working, except one specific function (sharing content) in one specific case:
when an android tablet with JITSI SDK sends content, than it doesn´t work if 3 or more are conected, and it also doesn´t work p2p if the remote is iphone/safari.
The very strange is that this DOES work on JIT.SI. So seems to be a config problem. We tried all imaginable param options, including using config.js from JIT.SI, with no result.
Any clue where to find the needle?
Thanks in advance!

Note: considering the two related cases (safari and not p2p) maybe some incompatible codec used by the sdk? maybe we are missing some parameter in the sdk instead of the Jitsi meet server?

after testing on some jitsi servers out there, it seems many have the same issue,
Im wondering why so few are this issue?
seems its the same issue as in Screen sharing from android app to browser on self-hosted instance does not work

But i really cannot understand how it works without the fix on react on JIT.SI, but should requiere a fix on React to work on a self hosted server???

After reviewing other similar cases, im wondering if this is not due to a bug in the deployment process of Jitsi, (or even worse in the code itself)
Maybe it’s related to the fact that JIT.SI is a distributed environment vs a one server environment (in usual self hosted).
may it be an issue of handling specific signalling for screen sharing in one server deployment?