Container setup: scaling/virtualhosting jicofo, requires at least one instance per virtual host entry?

The conference focus application also logs into prosody with the user_domain, user_name and user_password.
Does this mean I have to launch this task for every virtualhost entry I have in prosody that I want to enable meet on?

         |              |  
         + prosody/xmpp |  
         |              |  
+--------+    |            
|        |    |            
| jicofo +----^            
|        |                 

Jicofo uses component connection (5347) and user connection on port 5222. You need both in order to operate a working jicofo instance.

Yes, I know, that is in the graph. How does this answer my question, of needing to spawn a new instance for a new virtualhost entry in prosody?

What is exactly done in cofo? Can it serve multiple configured virtualhosts in prosody?
When the load on cofo is high can I spawn a new instance with the same config/settings and will the load of the specific virtualhost in prosody be devided over these 2 instances of cofo??

Jicofo orchestrates the conference, and currently is one per shard, one per prosody.