Contact list filters is not applied when connection events occur


Updated to 2.11.5606 and the issue persists. I’m running on Linux if that matters (ElementaryOS Loki, Ubuntu 16.04LTS).
The issue is that I have a ~100 contacts in my list, and whenever I filter someone by their names, the filter is not re-applied when someone connects.

For example I filter the contact list with “doe” and only john doe is displayed. Nice.
Then “Bob” logs in: it is displayed in the list. Then “Alice” logs in: displayed in the list. The filter still contains “doe”, and neither Bob nor Alice should be displayed.

After a while, the filter is meaningless because everybody would have logged out and in again, and the contact list is filled with people that have nothing to do with the filter.

This can also be more problematic than cosmetic when someone decides to log in after I have typed some filter and 1 millisecond before I decide to call someone. I may end up calling the wrong person.